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Are you preparing for any Government recruitment examinations? Obviously yes hence you’re surfing here to enhance your General Studies>General Knowledge skills for your coming central as well as state government competitive exams. It’s also true that every month there are numerous all India or state level recruitment drive of various Government institutions are being organizing. So try to quick revise your lessons of General Studies?

We know that as of all civil and government services aspirants you are also always in search of not only a collection of last moment suggestive notes but also best quality last minute suggestion on General Studies. We also know that you’re in hurry and hence looking for a quick revision of your preparation for your already applied competitive exams which is knocking at the door. Keeping this circumstance in our mind all of our General Studies experts are working on preliminary exam oriented packages on different General Study topics and dedicated this section of our UPSC/PSC/SSC/RRB preparation portal as ‘QUICK REVISION’.

Our Special Initiative on Civil Service Prelim Exam Oriented Last Moment Notes of Some Important General Studies facts –

To produce a comprehensive job oriented as well as easy to learn and memorize best quality study materials on General Knowledge for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, IBPS competitive exams and all Government jobs/services recruitment competitive examinations Civil Service Preparation portal is working on 24×7 basis and produced this set of Quick Revision.

You’ll find below an extensive, well written as well as best quality last minute suggestion on Some Important General Studies topics.

Please scroll below to read carefully chosen as well as selected preliminary exam oriented quick revision notes on Some Important General Studies topic– this is the first lot of our free last moment quick revision packages.


  • Potassium Permanganate (KMNO4) is used in purification of water. Here oxidation property of  Potassium Permanganate (KMNO4) is utilized.
  • Heating process of Sulphur with Rubber is called vulcanization.
  • PVC is the polymer of Vinyl Chloride. Hence PVC stands for Poly-Vinyl Chloride.
  • Carnotite is a potassium uranium vanadate radioactive mineral. It’s the ore of radioactive metal Uranium.
  • Tarikh-e-firozi (Tarikh-e-firoji, Tarikh-i-firozi) was written by Jiauddin Barani (1285–1357 AD). He was Muslim historian as well as political thinker of India and a contemporary of Muhammad (Md.) bin Tughlaq and Firuz Shah Tughlaq.
  • 29th August is celebrated as National Games Day in India.
  • Kerala is the state which is at the top of among all states in India according to Human Resource Development Index 2011.
  • Hardeep (Hardip) Singh Puri is the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations.
  • The present Chairperson (Sabhapati) of Competition Commission of India is Ashoke Chawla.
  • According to the latest statistics, there are 13000 populations per Bank’s branch in India.
  • A star maximum twinkles when it’s visible near the horizon region.
  • The New Chief Minister (CM) of Arunachal Pradesh (AP) is Nabam (Navam) Tuki.
  • The Panchayeti (Panchayati) Raj System in India was introduced in the Second Five Years Planning (2nd FYP).
  • The Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is nominated by the Speaker of Lok Sabha (Lower House of the Parliament of India).
  • Corroded Iron’s (having rust on it) weight firstly increases later on decreases.
  • Recently a Double Decker Train has been introduced by Indian Railway which plies between Howrah to Dhanbad.
  • Tomas Gösta Tranströmer, a Swidish writer cum poet, won the 108th Nobel Prize for Literature in 2011.
  • Hemanta (Hemant) Sen was the founder as well as the first ruler of the Sena Dynasty in Bengal.
  • In the Battle of Chandawar (Chandawar War), Muhammad (Md.) Ghori (Ghuri, Ghauri, Ghouri) defeated and killed Jayachandra Chauhan (of Kanauj).
  • Rajshekhar was a Sanskrit Poet and Dramatist who was the Court Poet of Gurjat-Pratihar Dynasty King (Ruler) Mahendra Pala-I (First Mahendra Pala).
  • Earth comesat the nearest position to Sun on 4th January every year. Its called earth’s Perihelion.
  • There are 34.6% Iron present in Earth in respect to her total mass.
  • Galileo Galilee was the first person who observed the planet – Saturn using his telescope.
  • The Planet – Venus is visible everyday at the Eastern Sky in the morning (at dawn before sunrise) and at the Western Sky in the evening (at twilight after sunset).
  • An ore of the metal – Iron is Pyrite (popularly known as Iron Pyrite), is actually an Iron Sulfide (Sulphide) having its formula as FeS2 and it is nicknamed as Fool’s Gold due to its hue as a brassy Gold colour.
  • ‘Asha’ is a Central Government (Govt. of India) Project under the program of National Rural Health Mission under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW).
  • Nationalization of Banks in India in 1969 was done by an Ordinance of The President (Rastrapati) of India.
  • The President (Rastrapati) is the Supreme Commander of Indian Army.
  • For the first time man stepped on North Pole on 06th April 1909.
  • Sodium Benzoate (wrongly spelled as Sodium Benjoet/Benjoate)is a chemical used to Food Preservation.The formula of Sodium Benzoate is NaC6H5CO2.
  • Vitamin-K is related with Blood Coagulation.
  • Charak Samhita (Sanhita/Sanghita) is the most ancient text book on Ayuvedic Medicine (Ayuveda).
  • Telegu language is the Italian of the East among all Indian languages. It’s because as all most all the Telugu native words end with a vowel sound.
  • Mahabalipuram is situated in the Kanchipuram (Kancheepuram) district of Tamil Nadu in India.
  • There are 38 seats have been reserved for Schedule Tribes in Indian Parliament’s lower house i.e. Lok Sabha.
  • Among the following North Eastern state of India – Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura, only Arunachal Pradesh is not sharing boundary with Bangladesh.
  • We feel thirsty when the osmotic pressure of blood decreases.
  • Punjab province was the first permanent home (domicile/habitat) of the Aryans in India.
  • A yellowish green (or greenish) patchis visible in a hard-boiled egg due tothe presence of Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulphide) – H2S.
  • The Ruhr district or region of Germany is one of largest metropolis in Germany and famous for hard coal deposits. The Ruhr is also a major industrial area of Germany that produces Steel, Chemicals etc.
  • X-ray can differentiate an egg whetherit’s fresh or old.
  • Iqtadari System (wrong spelled Iktadari) as introduced by Iltutmis (Iltutmish) during his reign in Delhi Sultanate Age.
  • National Development Council (NDC) is the authority to give the final approval of the Five Years Plan (FYP) in India.



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