Important Historical Background and Chronological Facts of Indian Constitution

An Introduction

We all more or less acquainted with the word – ‘constitution’. But how can we define ‘constitution’ in a nutshell? You may be in a dilemma to express your feeling that – how can constitution be defined in a single line?  It’s obviously a huge area under discussion and how can we define or express or explain it in a line of words. Undoubtedly you’re in the right track with your concept regarding constitution which is not a matter of joke as well as a gigantic issue. But still it can noticeably be define in few words.

The rules and regulation of a ‘state’ is called the Constitution. To understand it more clearly, we’ve to know the fact – what is a ‘state’?

A state is consisting of population, territory, Government and sovereignty. So, we can also define the concept of ‘constitution’ as the set of ‘rules and regulation’ of a ‘state’ i.e. a ‘country’ having its own people (citizen), physical as well as political boundary, representative of country’s mass people (the Government) to lead (run) the country with here internal as well as external sovereignty.

You’ll find below an extensive, well written as well as best quality study material on Important Historical Facts and Points of Indian Constitution which is popularly known among all civil service aspirants as the Historical Background of the Indian Constitution at a glance.

Our Special Initiative on Civil Service Prelim Exam Oriented Notes of Some Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution –

Our Indian Constitution as well as Political Science experts working on Some Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution modules under General Studies>Indian Polity>Indian Constitution>Historical Facts at a Glance division to produce not only a comprehensive job oriented but also easy to learn and remember best quality study materials on Some Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, IBPS competitive exams and all Government jobs/services recruitment competitive examinations.

We’re focusing mainly on the IAS, IPS, State PSC (like WBCS) Preliminary examination oriented top quality and compact course material which will be distributed step by step among all of you without any cost and this initiative has already been taken care of from a team of Civil Service Exam experts.

Please scroll below to read carefully chosen as well as selected preliminary exam oriented notes on Some Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution. Actually we’re trying to accommodate some chronological incident/facts/events prior to initiation of Indian Constitution since the formation of East India Company in England – this is the first lot of our free study material on Constitution  of India.


  • In 1600 A.D. – East India Company was setup.
  • In 1611 A.D. – William Hawkins visited India in the court of Jahangir during Mughal period.
  • In 1615-1618 A.D. – Thomas Row visited the court of Jahangir during Mughal period.
  •  In 1757 A.D. – The Battle of Plassey was fought.
  • In 1764 A.D. – Battle of Buxar was fought.
  • In 1765 A.D. – Industrial revolution in England
  • In 1765 A.D. – East India Company acquired ‘dewani’ from Mughal emperor Shah Alam II.
  • In 1773 A.D. – Indian Regulatory Act passed. By this act the post of Governor General was created and Judiciary was separated from the executive (administration).
  • In 1774 A.D. – Imperial Court was setup by this Indian Regulatory Act of 1773 A.D.
  • In 1858 A.D. – Govt. of India Act passed. By this act post of Governor General was abolished and the post of Viceroy created (First viceroy of India was then Lord Canning – he was the last Governor General of India also during East India Company’s administration).
  • In 1909 A.D. – Govt. of India Act, popularly know as Morley-Minto Reforms Act 1909.
  • In 1916 A.D. – Peel Commission (Committee) was setup for the Federal structure of India.
  • In 1919 A.D. – Govt. of India Act, popularly know as Montague Chelmsford Reforms Act 1919.
  • In 1927 A.D. – Simon Commission was setup.
  • In 1928 A.D.– Motilal Neheru submitted his report in the Session of Congress (INC). Popularly know as Neheru Report.
  • In 1929 A.D. – The demand of ‘Purna Swaraj’ was passed at the Lahore session of Indian National Congress (INC).
  • In 1930 A.D. – Jawahar Lal Neheru started the ‘Purna Swaraj’ movement on January 26th.
  • In 1935 A.D. – Govt. of India Act passed.
  • In 1942 A.D. ­– Crips Mission came to India and submitted Crips Mission Plan.
  • In 1942 A.D.  – Quit India Momvement started.
  • In 1943 A.D. – Wavel visited India and proposed Wavel Plan.
  • In 1947 A.D. – Lord Mountbatten planned for India’s Freedom. This plan is popularly know ‘June 3rd Plan’.
  • In 1946 A.D. – Cabinet Mission came to India and placed Cabinet Mission Plan.


Tips & Tricks to Remember Political Science > Indian Constitution> Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution

As you already know that year long intense study, research & development work on Government job oriented study materials for almost all recruitment and competitive exams by the ‘R&D’ team of Civil Service Preparation Portal  has carefully followed a line of investigation among a group of fresh graduates as well as some educated unemployed, dreaming to become successful Civil Servant by cracking either UPSC Civil Service or State level PSC Civil Service and the experts of this R&D team has discovered a secret methodology which will be very much beneficial for all Civil Service aspirants and Government Job seekers.

This is the first time we’re revealing this secret tricks online for the overall betterment of the preparation of all Civil Service students. Please find below a set of easy step by step special instruction to remember these above mentioned prelim oriented study material of > Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution under the topic of Indian Plity > Constitution of India among of our numerous exam oriented study material of Civil Service General Studies –

  1. Read these best quality notes of Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution carefully.
  2. Try to write it down on your exercise copy/book instead of just copy & paste.
  3. On the way of writing down this list of important topics/points of Political Science > Indian Constitution> Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution – you’ve to listen the points thrice, read twice and write once.
  4. This is a special key to remember any topics on General Studies > Political Science> Indian constitution > Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution at one attempt and you’ll easily recall them in future during your UPSC/PSC or other Government recruitment exams. Atleast you can choose the correct options among MCQ’s 4/5 options.
  5. For more better result – after writing down the Study Material of Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution, record it in your mobile or iPod/mp3 players – play unlimited times to recall again and again while you traveling in bus/car/train or passing leisurely time.
  6. Lastly wishing all the best to quick learn and remember this part of Political Science > Indian Constitution> Important Historical Background and Facts of Indian Constitution and deliver the same in your coming jobs/services recruitment competitive exams.



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